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Many of you have been wondering what’s with all the different posts. Some are motivational, some are on fitness, some are on bourbon, and some are on making life better. I would like to tie it all together and tell you about the journey I am on.

To start with and cut to some of the chase, the family is doing well. Even though the children are getting older, I think the reality of life brings us closer together.

A couple of years ago I was not feeling to well and decided to jump on the scale. I was not only surprised, I was downright shocked! I was well over 300 pounds and as someone who has been athletic most of his life, this killed my ego and my emotions. Depression started setting in and I was very unhappy with life and even more when I realized it was of my own doing.

While I could give you all the gory details, I want to fast forward to me doing something about it. Sure, I found some natural remedies to get me out of the funk and my family encouraged me to focus on me. But there was still something missing.

Enter a three pronged approach and answer!

One – gotta get the weight off!

I searched for diets, trends, and quick weight loss solutions. Oh man the crap that is on the internet. I looked through not just hundreds of websites but bookmarks of things people had “shared” with me earlier. One site and bookmark kept nagging me and an email about a special offer was perfect timing. As I was eating myself into oblivion, there is a man in California, named Mark Sisson who had years of experience on eating primally.

You mean like a caveman? YES. Right up my alley.

The Primal Blueprint ended up being the foundation of the next two prongs and changed eating habits, energy levels, and yes, helped me removed unwanted weight.

Second – gotta remove the flab-alanche!

Requiring exercise was not something my body was used to. I lived actively for a good while but became sedentary. I tried a few things, bought a Bowflex and elliptical machine, took walks, and a few hikes. That didn’t keep me motivated.

It all came to a head when I went on a camping trip with a good friend of mine and half way to the most scenic part of the trip, I couldn’t breathe because of the altitude and the lack of capacity in my lungs. My overweight body was literally killing me. We stopped and camped there and although I wanted to go see the falls, I physically could not.

Exercise needed to become a priority in order to do the things I wanted and extend my life for the family. What I have is not set in stone. There is no magic pill for me. But it is mixed with Crossfit, Powerlifting, Obstacle Course Race training, and long walks with my wife.

Obstacle Course Racing? YES. I am on schedule to be primal again and looking to complete the four majors next year. I am starting with a small fun race next week thanks to the spurring that came from a friend of mine and my family.

Third – change work-lifestyle mix!

Work was another factor that was killing me. I was hospitalized with a stress induced simulated stroke that left me stuttering and stammering worse than when I was a kid. I couldn’t focus and my memory, both long and short term, suffered.

The way in which I worked was push as hard as I can until I can’t. I found out how well that really works. So to ease the pressure, I readjusted priorities, changed the focus and work like I need to, not like a maniac with nothing to gain.

But that’s only half of it!

Another friend of mine contacted me about a business opportunity. While I was hesitant, there are great benefits. It merges the best of online marketing, network marketing, and it automates the recruiting process. The bigger benefit is the actual products. I feel better, they taste good, and it is a full triangle of health.

So what are the numbers?!

Doing it this way, you may want to know what are the actual facts. This can only be given in numbers.

  • Original weight before Primal eating – 332 pounds (UGH!!!!)
  • Weight as of this moment – 267 pounds (and still losing)
  • Sleep hours before – 4-6 total hours of broken sleep – also used a CPAP machine
  • Sleep hours now – 8-9 solid hours of sleep and no CPAP machine
  • Body fat percentage (before) – 47.8%
  • Body fat percentage (now) – 35.2%

Movement –

  • Walk length before getting winded (before) – 5 minutes
  • Walk length before getting winded (after) – 30+ minutes – plus I can actually jog/run
  • Stairs taken before getting winded (before) – 3 steps
  • Stairs taken before getting winded (after) – 50 at a slow pace – 30 if I run up them

Dollars made –

  • While I don’t have actual numbers for this, I am working the business side of things so I can retire early. My focus and goal is: “to spend more time with my family on my paid off mountain farmland of 50+ acres, while funding my survival/outdoors business.” I hope to have an update soon.

While it may seem that this has taken a long time, it really hasn’t. I started Primal two years ago, had an injury which led to a setback, but back on it for the last 6months. Exercise has only been within the last 3 months. And the business has been over the last 5 months.

Remember, this is a journey. “A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” – Tao Te Ching

I’ll be happy to talk with anyone regarding Primal Blueprint, fitness, or my business venture. It would be good to have you along the journey with me.

Thanks for reading and all support.

The Sojourner



An Exercise In Futility

I try to give the facts of things even at the sacrifice of myself. This post is no different.

While many of you have seen my posts on the Paleo Diet or the Primal Blueprint, I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped doing it. Keep in mind these plans are focused on a lifestyle change and not just a diet.

In the “name of science” and the willingness to poke holes in facts or more correctly, stir the pot which inevitably causes a massive crap storm, I stopped following the plan for two weeks. This means, I allowed myself to eat fairly anything I desired, including honey buns and chocolate and definitely less than eight hours of sleep a night.

The Results
Let’s just say, not good!
I gained three pounds for starters. My body fat increased by 2% and my insides have not been functioning correctly. To begin with, I am not just feeling bloated but am bloated. I have gastrointestinal cramps, among other intestinal “things”. I was getting tired mid day as well and sometimes would just hit the proverbial wall around 2pm and was generally unproductive.

What Did I Learn?
The crap that I was eating is certainly not worth the reaction my body had to it. The sleep that I am losing is not worth the inevitable mood swings that I was sharing with everyone including my family. Overall my body cannot handle this type of change and I realize the health benefits outweigh anything I could possible want to ever eat.

What Now?
I will get back to the Blueprint and overall lifestyle that is Paleo. There may be occasions in which I “splurge” but they will be rare and definitely few and far between.

I will say overall, this has been one of the best eye-opening experiences I have ever encountered. I look forward to the changes that come forth with this new found knowledge.

Until then,
The Sojourner

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